INCREASE Sales & Profits

About Salil Zaveri

My Experience

I have 40+ years of successful experience in SALES & SALES MANAGEMENT.

In sales, I have qualified for top sales awards. In sales management, I have built a sales force from scratch and  surpassed my competitors in all the key measures.

UTILIZE my experience to help your organization INCREASE SALES & PROFITS.

Consulting Services

  • Angel Investor?
  • Hedge Fund?
  • Major Investor?
  • Bank/Lender?
  • Corporate Executive?
  • Business Owner?

I can help companies in which you have a vested interest.

  • I can help close pending deals.
  • I can help open new markets.
  • I can help improve retention.
  • I can help reduce expenses.
  • I can help recover clients.


I am open to a mutually beneficial fee schedule arrangement.

Options, profit sharing, project based fees...

Let me know what works best for your business model. It will be acceptable to me as long as it's a WIN-WIN for both of us.


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